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Deathly Hallows (two pics and some "thoughts") Spoilers.

I'll post everything behind the cut.

So the thing that I loved the most about the book was Dumbledore's story. Dude, JKR totally pulled a Keyser Soze on us!! How cool is that? :D It's my favorite part of the book by far. Loved that he was friends with Grindelwald and that the one that had it right all along was Aberforth. And his parents and Ariana's story was so sad. :(((

So here's a pic of Dumbledore and Grindelwald plotting to conquer the world and laughing at some evil joke. :P

And because DD lost his Santa Claus halo I can post this picture without laughing myself silly. Well, sort of. It's very hard to think of the guy as the Gandalf figure from book 1 now.

Right. So, all in all? I did like the book. At least I liked some parts and really nice little moments here and there.

I remember after finishing HBP talking to a friend about it and thinking that if JKR was indeed going to open up the game so much for book 7 (leaving the Hogwarts structure, searching for Horcruxes and fighting a full on war), it would take more than just one book to tell the story so that it'd make sense. And this is my main problem with the book; I got the feeling I was reading the Cliff Notes for a 2000 (or more) pages book. A lot of things felt rather rushed and glossed over and others dragged on forever.

So I'm no expert in books or how to tell stories but I had a really hard time with all the exposition going on. It totally killed me.
Every time Harry got filled in on what was going on "outside the tent" I wanted to "see" that rather than be told about it. It reminded me when you go to a party/dinner and you sit in a big table and everybody is laughing and having a good time at the opposite end of where you're sitting. :(

I think I read the book during the wrong time of the month that's why I'm a bit disappointed. :D

About the deaths, I think I'll post about them later on because this is way too long. But, except for Dobby and Mad-Eye's they all made go: "Sucks to be a secondary character in this series, eh?" and that was that. Actually, Remus and Tonks also made me go a little WTF, but that was soon to be forgotten by the Epilogue of Doom. :) Yeah, what can I say? I'm all for happy endings but that was a bit too much for me. *shrugs*

But, well, Dumbledore's backstory sort of compensates for the rest. Oh, yeah, and because out of the millions and millions of HP fans out there, probably around fifty cared about this: Yay! Scrimgeour was not a complete jerk! . Sorry, I had to say it. XD

And this are some of the characters/scenes that I really liked:

Snape: I'm glad I never found the whale to hit him with it. :) I really liked his backstory. Not particularly big on him doing everything because of Lily but it made sense. Loved when he was a little kid. Poor thing. :(

Molly and Narcissa: How cool were they?

Aberforth: So much love for him!! Totally my new favorite character. *hearts*

The Deathly Hallows: Loved "Beetle the Bard" and the Deathly Hallows story soooooo much. It was awesome and it made want to know more about the Peverell brothers.

Neville and Gran: They ruled so hard.

Voldy: He sucks mightily, but having his name jinxed was inspired. I'm still LOLing over that one.

The Ministry: Loved when the Trio got in there, particularly Ron's story when he had to fix the DE's office. And it was a nice touch when Harry got Mad-Eye's eye. Dude, why is Umbridge still around? :((

Dobby: That was the only death that actually got to me. So. Very. Sad. *weeps*

And there were other little things that I loved too but I'll stop now. This is the longest that I've typed in like forever!

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