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18 March 2017 @ 06:02 pm
So, after that Spiderman Homecoming trailer and so many references to Star Wars, I just couldn't help it. So it's my first StarWars/Avengers crossover, and it's supposed to be Peter and Tony in a galaxy far, far away.

Man, I cannot wait for Homecoming!

There's a process pic, in case you want to see my (really messy) working approach.

Jedi Peter Parker and Tony StarkCollapse )
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02 December 2016 @ 11:48 pm
It's been forever without posting anything. Unfortunately, it's kind of normal :(

So I finally got around of making House Stark. They are my favs by far (well, and Tyrion and Dany :D )
Also, I know it's been done to death, but I wanted to add my own version of "Tony Stark is a Winterfell Stark" :) He kinda needs a new family after Civil War. Although, I'm not sure Winterfell's Starks would last him any longer than the Avengers did :P

Anyway, there's a pic with Tony and one without him.

Aaaaand, a Rhaegar Targaryen pic.

Hope you have some great holidays!

House Stark (plus Tony) and Rhaegar TargaryenCollapse )
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10 March 2014 @ 12:08 am
These are a few pics I did that are, amazingly, not HP related.

They are all on the really shippy side of things. They were going to be for a Valentine's post, but I was off the mark for a *few* days :P

So the first pic is Legolas, Tauriel and their kid (yeah, there's a vague explanation for it after the cut). The Iron Man pic, is Tony/Pepper, and I made it because I lost a bet (never betting again). And, the third one is a little comic with Nanao/Kyouraku because I totally miss them.

LOTR, Iron Man and Bleach picsCollapse )
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I don't know if anybody remembers this, but a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far way - sorry,hard to resist :P ) I was making a comic about Dumbledore's past. I'm trying to finish it, and well, here's part five.
I was tempted to make a recap page, but I absolutely hate recaps so I'll just say the flashback within the flashback is over, and the timeline continues when Dumbledore & Co. are still teens. Also the chapter is supposed to be much goofier than the previous ones.

English is not my first language, so if there's any problems, and you have the time to let me know, I'd be extremely happy!

The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore - Comic - Part fiveCollapse )
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11 December 2013 @ 02:59 am
So here's the second part of the series of pics I did for my friends. They're Grindelwald/Dumbledore, and McGonagall/Dumbledore (looking after Harry). These two ships happen to be my friends' favorite ships. So, yeah, I'll probably end up doing something more with them.

And, just in case I'm not around, hope you have some great holidays!

Raising Harry Part IICollapse )
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I have completely given up hope on regular updates or working on my own things...

But, well, I've managed to do this, mostly, because I had to :)

I have two really awesome friends, who have stuck with me forever. They were partly to blame for me getting into fandom. And, I really, really owed them some pictures. So this is a series of pics I did for them as a much belated thank you.

It's three series of pictures, based on what they like.
This is series one, and the main idea behind them is family, and what would have happened if Harry had been raised by other people.
And, yes, the couples that raise Harry are meant to be so in a romantic way. I'm just warning, I have no clue how bad shipping wars are nowadays.

The first one is Lily/Snape. And, in this case, Harry would have been Snape's kid (that's what my friends fantasize about anyway) :)
The second one is Remus/Tonks. Teddy is in there, and a little sister. Also, Harry likes Persona 4 :P It was not done on purpose, though.
And the third one is Remus/Sirius. Harry would have become a master prankster raised by them!

Raising Harry Part ICollapse )
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14 August 2013 @ 03:22 am
Hi there! I can't believe this much time has passed since my last post! I've been awfully busy, and I don't think work is going to slow down anytime soon. Which, in a way, is good.

Hope you guys are doing well!

Here is a pic I made of Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon (from A Song of Ice and Fire). They're younger and during better times.

I have to say that, even after five books, Ned *still* is my favorite character. Anyway, hope you like!


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Well, finally! So it's parts three and four of the comic.

Hope you like and thanks for the comments and help with my grammar!

The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore - Comic - Parts Three & Four)Collapse )
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13 April 2011 @ 02:29 am
Hi there! Just wanted to say hi and sorry because I'm a bit delayed updating the comic. I wanted to post a chapter a month, but this month started a bit crazy and it's probably going to end in total chaos.

And I'm taking a few days off next week to visit my parents so I won't be around for a while.

So, I'm posting two pics that I was going to post together with the comic. One is Dumbledore and Fawkes and the other is Dumbledore and Grindelwald. Yes, I'm getting a bit mono-thematic, I'm afraid.

Also, I'm awfully, horribly, terribly behind replying! But I will reply. Thank you so much for all the encouragement!

Dumbledore, Fawkes, GrindelwaldCollapse )
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And here's part two of the comic.

Hope you like and any help with grammar/spelling is always welcomed. :)

The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore - Comic - Part Two)Collapse )
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